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Image by Pauline Loroy


Certified Dog Trainer in London.
Force free, positive dog training that works.



I believe that the greatest problem that stands between us and our dogs is lack of communication. At AB K9 Training I will teach you how to speak the same language as your dog. How to understand what they're trying to tell you and show you how to ask them in a way they understand. I am a positive dog trainer using force free methods, the kindest way is not always the fastest way but it's always the best way. I also work with dogs with behavioural issues, dogs that struggle to fit in to day to day life. I can help these dogs find their confidence and learn how to cope with the stresses and complications they may encounter in every day life. All of my sessions are one to one and are tailored specifically to each dog and owners needs. My main priority is setting you and your dog up to be the perfect partnership.
I am fully insured and certified by the Institute Of Modern Dog Training and The Dog Training College.

Stop your search for a dog trainer now and call Alice. Words can't describe how good she is and your dog will be grateful too!

Rupesh Chatwani

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