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When I needed someone to help me train up my new rescue puppy Alice cared for her like she was her own. She quickly came to know her personality and adapted her training around what stimulated and engaged her.
My dogs main issue was recall and since she (and me) have had training sessions with Alice, we happily walk around all the busy parks in London and have total
recall despite the many distractions. Thank you Alice!

Alice has been a wonderful trainer with our puppy Miniature American Shepherd. We were having issues with leash walking, reactivity in the park, him jumping on everyone he could see... She was extremely patient with him and her knowledge of dogs psychology was very helpful. She helped us understand what we were doing wrong and what we could do going forward. Not only does she train them very well but you can tell she genuinely cares about your dog and she kept in touch to see how we were doing. We felt reassured after meeting with her as we were a bit lost with the education of our dog. I would recommend her premium services to anyone who needs some help with their dog.

Katie Stewart

Mathilde Lecas

I can personally recommend Alice as i've used her to work with my own two dogs. I have a labradoodle with some behavioural issues and a very excitable cocker spaniel puppy and Alice handles them both fantastically well and fully understands both their individual needs.

Alice is literally the doggie whisperer. The most amazing trainer with the most incredible energy, professionalism, approach and philosophy. Couldn't recommend her higher.

Felicity Burgin

Seema Alibhai

Alice has been training my working cocker spaniel since she was just 3 months old and I can't thank her enough. Her knowledge and ability with dogs is amazing. Highly recommend

Stop your search for a dog trainer now and call Alice. Words can't describe how good she is and your dog will be grateful too!

Amelia Watkins

Rupesh Chatwani

Alice is a fantastic trainer and I love her positive approach. She understands animals - and humans - and her way of working takes into account each individual dog and owner. We were lucky to find her

Would highly recommend, I used her for my dog Newton who was reactive towards strangers and other dogs and she helped us so much he seems almost like a different dog out in public. Alice is super professional and really kind. Thank you Alice!

Kirstie Hamilton

Morgan Lcs

I really cannot thank Alice enough for the confidence she has given myself and Nelly! She’s such a great teacher, and very professional. I cannot recommend her enough, she is truly brilliant. Thanks again Alice!

Alice is a puppy magician! She found my dog's levers and trained her to be obedient and well-behaved. Thanks again!

Ellen Grove

Victor Rohm

I feel so lucky to have found Alice, my dog needed help with his reactivity and she really puts in the time and effort to get down to the root cause of his problem rather than using any quick fixes. Being a large breed dog it’s been really difficult to find a trainer that uses these methods and techniques - would 100% recommend her for any doggo with any issues!

Alice is amazing. My dog is completely different since training with Alice. She used to be so bad at walking on the lead, recall, meeting new people. Alice has taught me and her so much. I have recommended her to many people and she can work with any dog, tackling any issue.

Nazgol Esfahani

Renna Markson

Alice has transformed my once aggressive/scared small dog. When we first met Alice, Lani would lash out at any dog that would approach her, but after only 5 sessions with Alice, Lani’s confidence has been built up and she is now no longer scared so does not snap at other dogs and happily not only welcomes dogs who come up to her but also approaches other dogs herself. I cannot recommend Alice enough!

Alice’s advice and guidance over the last few months has been invaluable for our (now) 7 month old rescue puppy. As first time dog owners Alice has been training us as much as the puppy and her approach of positive reinforcement chimes well with us. We have encountered numerous bumps along the way related to gut problems, nipping, leash reactivity and barking to name a few. The training sessions and excellent support between sessions has been exceptional and has given us a lens to understand and tackle each issue so that the trajectory remains always in a positive direction. There’s no question that as a family we would be in a significantly worse situation and of course it remains a work in progress but has meant that Clara has integrated rapidly into our home and quality of life is back on track for us all. Much appreciated and highly recommended!

Sancha Markson

Jim Brown

I have a 10 month old Sprocker that was a stronger puller on the lead, I had tried mostly everything before meeting Alice ( YouTube videos, FB groups and even another trainer) but nothing worked, Alice used a mix of techniques and proved me that positive training works, she was very patient with my dog and worked not only with the pulling but also with his recall, focus and patience. I have recommended her for a few people and they just get back to me with positive comments.
Her work is just amazing and now we have a dog who knows how to walk on a loose lead, waits for his food and is so well behaved when inside. Next steps will be working on his hunting skills ( even if he is not a proper working dog) it's gonna help us to improve our bond and give him a purpose.
AB K9 training has literally changed our lives, Alice is great, she hasn't just trained my dog but taught me how to proper communicate with him, highly recommend her!

We approached Alice with our 3 month old deaf (and naughty) cocker spaniel and after one session signed up for her puppy package and haven't looked back since. Alice has taught us how to communicate with our puppy in a way that uses positive reinforcement and rewards her with the things she loves most - playtime and treats. Alice is full of helpful advice about how to get your dog used to be alone, sleeping through the night etc and she is endlessly patient and non-judgmental when we frequently get things wrong. At five months old Pickle is now house-trained, sleeping through the night, much less nippy, walking to heel almost the whole the time and her recall (which is the biggest challenge for a deaf dog) is comparable to other puppies of the same age. As first time dog owners we were pretty nervous about training a deaf puppy but Alice has made the whole thing feel totally manageable and enabled us to enjoy this fun time while Pickle is still a puppy. Alice has also helped us to squeeze in training sessions around busy work days and on weekends. Pickle loves our sessions and still has lots to learn so we won't be stopping just yet but could not recommended AB K9 more. Thank you, Alice!

Juliana Tostes


Alice has been training my 21 month old Labrador mix whom we adopted 6 month ago. He was not used to be walked on a lead, therefore he used to pull and bark at other dogs. Alice was able to teach him not to pull and together with her beautiful dog Luna she made him feel comfortable to walk on the lead close to other dogs. Alice is bright, fun and competent. Atlas and I are always looking forward working with her!!! We highly recommend Alice!!!

Alice is incredible, Albi is loving his sessions, comes back to the whistle and she is transforming my learning and understanding of how a dog thinks.

Marisa de cesare


Alice came with recommendation, I was very impressed by her training ethos and style after our initial consultation and decided to put my 6 months cocker spaniel Alfie on the puppy package. Alice is very attentive to our needs as no two dogs are the same. The training is as much for Alfie as for me. She believes in the power of play and my dog loves it every time we see her. His focus, recall and walking off leash all improved significantly. I also feel more confident handling my dog under different circumstances with the knowledge Alice has taught me. It’s only been three months but Alice has helped to build a stronger bond between Alfie and I. We are nearing the end of the puppy package but we are planning bigger things for Alfie which I am very excited for.

I have no words for how much Alice has helped us. Our 8 month old American bully xl has almost completely stoped pulling on the leash and overall become a much more relaxed dog in only a few weeks ! Walking and training with Alice is the best part of my week and always ends on a positive. Alice is such a kind soul and so understanding and gentle to animals. I highly recommend Alice to anyone struggling in anyway with their dog !!! WE LOVE YOU ALICE !!! You are the best !!!

Li Zhang

Amelia Erim

I tried a couple of trainers and I would recommend only Alice. And I recommend her extremely highly and wholeheartedly. I have found Alice to be a truly gifted Sherpa for dogs and their owners who want to learn about how to have a great connection with their dog. Mine had her issues and has turned in a short time into a wonderful thing. If you are looking for an exceptional trainer I unreservedly recommend trying to get a space with Alice immediately, as she’s got something special, and teaches you and your dog generously quickly and incredibly skilfully and with a great nature.

Alice is so wonderful! We have two dogs, one who is quite anxious and Alice is extremely patient and has been working with us on how to make him feel more comfortable and calm down more quickly.

She teaches you exercises that you can integrate into your daily lives and is extremely quick to follow up via email post session and answer any questions.

You can tell she really cares for all the dogs she works with!

Sacha Alexander

Camilla De Cesare

Alice has been working with our 18-month old puppy for nearly 3 months and she is absolutely fantastic. Arlo, being a beagle, is very scent driven and his recall wasn’t great, but it has improved hugely since Alice has been helping us. She’s also helped us with resource guarding, dropping items and lead walking. She gives us helpful exercises to work on and makes up fun games that we can incorporate into Arlo’s daily walks. Her enthusiasm is highly infectious and Arlo loves her! Can’t recommend Alice highly enough.

Alice has been a saviour! We first booked in some sessions with Alice as our 4yo Springer Spaniel Chilli was having difficulty adjusting after moving away from the pack she had grown up with. Chilli was being aggressive with other dogs and often barking. Alice was able to teach us what chillis barks meant- when she was scared and when she was letting other dogs know who was boss! Alice helped us manage both situations meaning chilli finally has some friends!! Chillis situation was probably unique, but I imagine it would be really helpful work for rescue dogs too. Chilli also has a thing for squirrels and Alice has really helped with Chillis recall/focus when she is high adrenaline wanting to chase a squirrel. Very grateful for all Alice has done so far and will definitely be booking in some more sessions . Thanks Alice!

Carol Dunseith

Katie Smith

Alice is brilliant. Simple as that! Our dog, a terrier, was deemed ‘untrainable’ by our old trainer you just used her old fashioned techniques on him. With Alice she tailors the approach to every dog, working out what makes them tick, and our dog lover her more than life itself! Can’t speak more highly of her and her results.

Alice has been doing wonders with our only 4-month old girl, Celia. Her positive approach gave her the confidence she needed in taking her first steps outdoors. She also helped her to learn how to behave around our cat and they are already on their way to becoming best friends. Alice boosted my awareness as an owner and provided invaluable insight into building a lasting relationship with my dog.

Sinead Read

Kerem Advan

This is our second set of sessions with Alice. Have tried many different trainers before with very different methods and never managed to to see any positive long term results. Our Gsd always ended up more stressed out. Alice has taught us to understand our reactive pup behaviour and walks are now so much more enjoyable - which we are very grateful for! We are currently working on our Gsd reactivity with strangers in the house, and Alice always goes out of her way to bring guests in! Would recommend her any day

Sarah B

We have male Shiba inu, this breed known for mischief and misbehave, plus our dog had issues with confidence. After having training with Alice his confidence boosted, his stubborness is managed, he is happier friendlier dog. Recall improved from -3 to 4star. We are forever greatful to Alice.

Nataxa TK

Alice was a terrific trainer!! My dog needed help listening and focusing and Alice helped me really understand his motivation and got him to really listen to me when out in public. It has allowed me to build trust with Toby so he can be let off leash and to behave himself. She’s helped make toby into a wonderfully behaved dog and it’s made my life and his much better!!

Kelly Shannon

Alice is an outstanding dog trainer. She really takes the time to get to know your dog and understand their needs (and even flag training suggestions that weren’t even on our radar!). We started sessions with our dog Bruno when he was an older puppy and have to say, just a few months down the road he is different dog! Highly recommend Alice and her training services.

Ania Freiha

Brilliant trainer, knowledgable, intuitive, kind and positive. Practical and fun our training sessions were a highlight of my week. The progress we made with my prey-driven parson russell terrier has literally changed our lives. She is now off lead in parks and countryside and we both couldn't be happier. We start work with our reactive rescue soon and I can't wait. Highly recommended trainer.


Alice was recommended to us by a friend as the dog whisperer. Nothing but positive reinforcement, patience and the capacity to deal with (and train) errant human owners. Training with Alice is fun for dog and owners which means that we all look forward to sessions. Have to praise Alice for her detailed notes and recommendations after each session. This is is our fifth dog over more than 30 years and I wish we had known Alice to help with a couple of the difficult rescues we have had. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

William Leslie


Alice lives and breathes dog training. She is excellent for dog at all ages. Alice takes a dynamic approach to any issue or specific areas of training you require. Alice is very responsive to messages and provides detailed training notes to help any owner continue their dog’s training and development. I have been working with Alice for my dog for nearly a year and I cannot recommend her enough for anyone trying to find a dog trainer.

George Bailey

Alice is amazing. My dog is reactive towards strangers and we’ve made such good progress since starting training. I didn’t even think that much progress in so little time was possible but my puppy is a completely different dog now and is only getting better. We’ve also been working on other bits to build up her confidence. I can’t recommend Alice enough.

Albane Vergez

After coming across Alice training a dog in my neighbourhood, I thought I would reach out to see if she could be a good fit for us and I am so glad I did! Not only is Alice an extremely professional trainer, she is also truly caring, gentle and patient. Always positive, and never judgmental, her enthusiasm is infectious and her approach is wonderful: she adapts her training to each individual dog, understanding what works best for them as well as their owners. I can’t recommend Alice highly enough, but don't take my word for it. The best indicator is Alice's own dog, Luna - who of course is incredibly well trained but it's the rapport the two have that tells you everything you need to know! It's what all dog parents aspire to achieve and with Alice's help we get one step closer to that goal!


Marie Blandin

We’ve been training with Alice for a while since our whippet puppy, Alaska, was about 3 months old. Alice came highly recommended and there’s good reason for that. Alice is amazing - she cares so much about Alaska, is non-judgemental when we ask stupid questions, tailors Alaska’s training each time and adapts depending on the conditions / Alaska’s mood etc. Alice is Alaska’s favourite person, she ALWAYS looks forward to her training sessions, as do we! We think Alice might actually be a dog whisperer — we honestly couldn’t recommend Alice enough, our lessons are so fun and we really look forward to them every week. Alaska has not just picked up the basics in no time but is also starting to learn obedience and advanced dog behaviours, most things we didn’t think were ever possible. Alice has made our first experience of owning a dog so much fun. Thanks Alice!

Thomas Mazhar-Elstub

We’ve been seeing Alice for a couple of months now and I can’t put into words how she has helped us already with Oskars reactivity and overexcitement around other dogs. She has given me so many different things to train Oskar to improve but most importantly she has helped me to get over my anxiety walking him so that I can finally enjoy our walks again. Me being chill has also helped Oskar as I was and still am part of the problem. We still have a long way to go but I am so excited for every single session because I know it will bring us closer to our goal being able to walk past dogs without any issues. Thank you so much Alicia I almost gave but ever since meeting you Oskar and my relationship has tighten So much which i am Forever grateful for x

Mareen Bremer

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