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I have always had a passion for dogs, as long as I can remember they have been my one true love in life. Although I grew up with dogs it wasn't until I was living in Argentina with the 17 street dogs I rescued that I really began to understand the complex and in depth relationships they have and the ways in which they communicate. That pack was my family for nearly two years and they taught me nearly all I know about dogs. I am now working as a professional dog trainer in London and have set up my business AB K9 Training. I am a strong believer that the number one reason that we have undesired behaviours in dogs is because they simply don't understand the question. My dog Luna is a great example of the fact that the past doesn’t need to set the future. Luna was a street dog from Argentina, she is now the most calm and confident dog I know. I only practice positive, force free dog training and am Certified by The IMDT and The DTC. I look forward to helping you help your dog and for you to develop a true partnership together. 

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